New Sizzling Sauce Obsession Peri Peri Sauce


Hi there! How’s it going? I’m just running and feeding on aaaand located a NEW warm sauce I’m obsessed with!

And Diego’s just becoming his most intriguing self… I told him he seems like the most intriguing pet dog in the world. I never assume he obtained the joke though. Oh very well.

Stay thirsty my buddies.

In food stuff news… 

Salad period is alive and very well!

And I uncovered a new-to-me hot sauce that I just cannot consider I’ve survived daily life with no.

This was lunch yesterday… greens, mini-peppers, cabbage, chickpeas, all those fried onion items, dressing

AND my new favourite salad, sandwich, eggs, every little thing topper sauce.

It’s Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauce – Garlic in medium heat. (I obtained it from my frequent grocery shop – not nearly anything fancy.)

I really do not feel it is scorching – I’d probably explain it as mild. It’s surely not as scorching as Sriracha.

It tastes like a tomato-vinegar based mostly sauce with garlic and a lil little bit of heat. I like it. It reminds me of a a lot more flavorful buffalo wing sauce.

Have you attempted it?

Have you experimented with other versions of it?? I want to go again to the shop and check out every thing Nando has at any time created. I want to fulfill Nando! I want Nando to be on the podcast so we can chat all factors very hot sauce!! Nando – please contact me! I love you.


Did I just make it bizarre?

Very well, never act stunned and just attempt the sauce so Nando’s income spike and he or she feels obligated to be on the demonstrate.

K. Many thanks.

I know they have 4 other flavors / heat concentrations for confident! So I have to get my grubby massive hands on them asap!!

In managing news… 

I had 7 miles with strides on my training agenda. But… I have not been executing strides mainly because exactly where I stop my operates isn’t stride-pleasant. I just can’t do them at the finish of my operate or really everywhere in the past mile. So I’ve been skipping them and was getting tremendous disappointed with myself knowing I should really have drove someplace else to operate.

But – I resolved to make it do the job.

I stopped at a parking lot 1 mile from the close of my operate and did the strides there. Boom.

It’s a whole lot for a park and normally rather vacant apart from for a number of cars belonging to fellow runners and walkers.

Performed and accomplished!

And lastly in Golden Retriever news… 

Tucker and Diego ended up hanging out at my friend’s house yesterday.  My friend’s out of town and I was hanging out with my fam for the day. When I stopped by on the way property to decide on up Diego I uncovered socks all all around the lawn (and just one pair of chonies)!

They’ve under no circumstances performed this before – but primarily mainly because I really don’t feel they’ve experienced accessibility. I suspect it was largely Diego – he loves chomping on socks! He’s ripped a number of holes in my socks and he grabs for them freshly washed to freshly run in (aka smelly)!

But anyone ripped a gap in my friend’s fancy Injinji toe socks that he swears bring him substantially luck and joy and magical powers when he performs tennis! Darn it.

The puppers are not speaking even though. They refuse to confess or position the paw at the other. And when I concern them – they just feel I’m providing a take care of! So I guess we’ll hardly ever know…

Unless… the sock received caught in the dryer and the hole was established when an individual yanked it out – not noticing. Then, my buddy packed it in his health and fitness center bag… but on the way to the car it fell out and ended up on the grass… in which Diego identified it and picked it up with the intention of discovering its rightful owner… but in advance of that could happen I caught him pink-handed… um, crimson-pawed with the gap-y sock in his mouth!!

Case dismissed.

If you like incredibly hot sauce… test out this publish about my excursion to the Sriracha factory right here!

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