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Today I’m sharing 11 non-fiction books that are a very interesting mix. The list includes books that can be considered among the BEST ever written, interesting stories, sad ones and funny books! Something for everyone! And I’m trying this new thing – Review in 2! I’m going to review all the books in 2 minutes or less – each, not total! I have a lot!

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Top Non-Fiction Books Review Podcast…

The review of a book shouldn’t be longer than the actual book, right? Right. So I’m going to try and keep it short by reviewing all of these books in 2 minutes. I call it a Review in 2!! As in 2 minutes. Because it rhymes. If ‘Review’ rhymed with 9 it would be a nine minute review…so thank Mr. Webster or whoever made up the word ‘review’ for that one. 

You can see my previous podcast episode 114 with Fiction Book Reviews here.

Let’s go… 

Book Review Scale… 1 to 5

1 = Didn’t like it. Didn’t want to finish it. Wouldn’t recommend. 

2 = Assigned reading. Tedious.

3 = Okay. Either – good story w/ okay writing OR meh story w/ good writing. 

4 = Good! Liked it. Would recommend.

5 = Great! Loved it. Will recommend/force on everyone I talk to for a week after reading it. 

Non Fiction Books on Audible

  1. Born a Crime: Stories from a South African childhood

by Trevor Noah

Rating: 4.5

Great. Loved this book. Loved that Noah read it – he was fun and animated. Love learning about his experience growing up in South Africa. Thought it was very interesting how he was treated differently because he was light skinned. 

  1. Becoming

By Michelle Obama

Rating: 5

Loved. Love that she read the book. Love the insights into behind the scenes of the White House. I can’t imagine! I want more of that. All the little things that completely changed – like taking her daughters to school and going out to dinner – so interesting! 

  1. Educated 

by Tara Westover

Rating: 5

GREAT. Also – heartbreaking and horrible. Ugh. I got so mad. If I think about it I’ll be mad again. I’m really upset with her parents. I cannot believe her brother. 

I’m going to give a spoiler: He adult brother KILLS his dog Diego. Stabs him to death. I hate it. It’s bullshit and he’s a violent person with an anger issue that’s a ticking time bomb. 

  1. The Glass Castle

by Jeannette Walls

Rating: 5

Heartbreaking and frustrating. The reader’s voice sounded like my mom’s friend so it was a little distracting though. There’s an interaction with her mom towards the end that’s super frustrating. 

  1. Small Fry 

by Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Rating: 3.9 while reading it… but later 4.

Go-kay. While I was listening to it I didn’t really love it. I text my bookie friend and she said she liked it. So I decided to make a bigger effort to give benefit of the doubt. As the book went on I started to like her more. 

  1. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone 

by Lori Gottlieb 

Rating: 4.5

Great. So interesting to hear about a therapist going to therapy. BUT didn’t think it was super believable that she struggled over basic things like… does her therapist like her?… 

  1. I Might Regret This: Essays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities, and Other Stuff

by Abbi Jacobson

Rating: 4.3

Great. I loved it, but it was too short. If you’re a fan of Abbi Jacobson you’ll like this. It feels like you’re on a road trip with her just chatting. I wish there was more.

  1. Man’s Search for Meaning

By Viktor E Frankl

Rating: 5

Amazing. Perspective yo. 

  1. Road to Jonestown 

by Jeff Guinn

Rating: 3.4

Okay. Read this because I wanted to start a book club with my 1 friend and he was already reading it. I didn’t know anything about Jonestown before reading it – and I think that was a drawback. A lot of the book told the story about Jim Jones and how he built his church and following in the US. It wasn’t interesting. It was like a boring history lesson at times? And if I would have known this guy is going to lead a cult and kill a bunch of people… maybe in that context he’d be more interesting. 

  1. You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again 

by Heather McDonald

Rating: 4.3

  1. Life is a Marathon 

by Matt Fitzgerald

Rating: 4.8

Unexpected life story from a running coach sharing his life, relationships and running.  

You can click here to check out all the books on this list and more on Amazon:  Books – Reading or Listening on the Run. 

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 What books should I read next?

If you have any book recommendations please share them!! 

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