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A new Excellent Hear ebook critique! High Achiever by Tiffany Jenkins – I listened to this reserve on Audible.

Here’s my evaluation and ideas on if I advise it…

Large Achiever – the remarkable true tale of one particular addicts double life. Published by Tiffany Jenkins.

Summary by means of Amazon: “When term got outthat Tiffany Jenkins was withdrawing from opiates on the ground of a jail mobile, people today in her town were being stunned. Not because of the 20 felonies she’d committed, or the mother nature of her crimes, or even that she’d been captain of the substantial university cheerleading squad just a number of yrs earlier, but since her boyfriend was a Deputy Sherriff, and his friends—their friends—were the kinds who’d arrested her.

A uncooked and twisty site-turning memoir that reads like fiction, High Achiever spans Tiffany’s everyday living as an energetic opioid addict, her 120 days in a Florida jail wherever each individual officer despised what she’d performed to their brother in blue, and her eventual recovery. With heart-racing urgency and unflinching honesty, Jenkins normally takes you within the grips of habit and the desperate selections it breeds. She is a born storyteller who lived an amazing story, from blackmail by an ex-boyfriend to a soul-shattering offer with a drug vendor, and her telling brims with suspense and unpredicted wit. But the genuine shock is her route to restoration. Tiffany breaks through the stigma and silence to supply hope and inspiration to anybody battling the disease—whether it is a beloved a person or by themselves.”

High Achiever – A Good Listen E book Critique Series

Audible reader:

The creator reads this ebook, which I definitely really like. It’s her existence story so listening to her tell it would make it even extra intimate and unique. Normally moments authors do not browse their possess books, even when it’s a memoir – I consider in significant element mainly because it’s a extremely hard.

It is more difficult than it would look to read through an entire reserve out-loud and remain very clear, energetic and participating.

Notice: I was produced to do 1 of 3 items and it is a disgrace they’re not my job…

  1. Children’s Television show character – I’m super enthusiastic and have quite ‘big’ hand gestures. It is ridiculous for true lifestyle, but fantastic for a kid’s present.
  2. Audio E book Reader (is it narrator?) – I can study & enjoy reading out-loud, venture my voice like I have an audience and am hoping to make positive the individuals in the back again hear me (even when I’m on your own), I have a ton of electricity, I can choose direction…
  3. *The 3rd factor is mystery – for now at the very least.


The narrator did a fantastic task.

The People:

The only character you really get to know is Tiffany, which is honest simply because this is her tale. But her principal relationships are with her boyfriend and her father but you never truly get to know them. I’m definitely curious about how her boyfriend every little thing or her ex-boyfriend and her connection with her sister.

The Tale: 

I’m curious about how, why and when she initial started off undertaking medicine. She begins the tale in jail and talks to a therapist a good deal too, but we never get how it actually all bought started off to final result in her habit.

She starts the tale presently in jail and tells us about unique cases and reminiscences that led her there. But I needed to go back even more.

I want to know alright why did not rehab perform the to start with time? Why did you even require to go to rehab? How did you commence to emails how did it go from recreational to an addiction like.

Looks like she is narrating the story to a therapist and then it flashes two interaction in her life getting the capsule taking pictures up drugs for the very first time owing a drug seller.. So it would make a seriously excellent movie but you would nonetheless want to know how did this human being obtain them selves in this area.

The Writing 

It’s well written and intriguing. I’m positive she experienced a lot of tales from jail and from hanging out with drug dealers, but can only inform a handful of them. I assume she has a superior combine of random and pivotal situations.


Indeed, I propose it.

It’s interesting and an simple study (or pay attention if you use Audible). I listened to it in a few times and preferred a lot more tales from when she was addicted and in jail – so I think seeking additional of a reserve is a great signal!

You can obtain High Achiever

on Amazon, Kindle, Audible or your community e book vendor.


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