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It seemed like out of nowhere, I looked at myself in the mirror and was utterly disgusted at what was staring right back at me.

I was so overweight to the point where I would start breathing heavily if I bent down to tie my shoes but, at the same time…

I always felt like an anxious mess…

I could never fall asleep at a decent hour…

After years of being out of shape, constantly tired, and unhappy – I knew I had to do something about my health. So I spent thousands of hours going through countless studies on health, nutrition, & weight loss.

I put myself through a tremendous amount of different workout programs, diet regimens, and drastic lifestyle changes… all to crash and burn and end up right back at square one.

It was through all of the trial and error that I FINALLY found a shift in my health that would have permanent positive changes in my life.

My name is Mike Yates by the way. Flash forward to my current situation – I am now a successful, health coach with over a decade of experience… and a former fat guy!

Over the years of training, research, and implementation, I have come up with a few crucial tactics that have helped my clients and I transform their life completely.

Here are a few key principles my clients have learned:

…and that’s just the start of it!

You see, losing the excess fat and increasing your energy has a lot to do with what bad habits you’ve previously had in the past.

This is because your body reacts to anything and everything.

For example, if your routine after leaving your job is to plop on the couch and snack on processed carbohydrates like chips and beer, or wine and cookies – then your body is going to store those carbs into fat.

When this becomes a habit, your body then tries to adjust.

It is responsible for turning the food you eat into either ENERGY and MUSCLE or into FAT.

So, if you aren’t making it a habit to exercise on a consistent basis then, your body begins to slow down its metabolic processes which will eventually make you overweight and lazy.

My first major health recommendation to anyone trying to lose weight and improve their quality of life is to…

By improving your metabolism, your body is then able to turn your food into ENERGY rather than storing it for FAT. This is one of the most important principles that you must drill into your head if you want to live a healthy life.

Now that you know just how crucial it is to maintain a healthy metabolism…

Let’s quickly go over a couple very important ways to keep your metabolic processes in tip top shape:

Choosing workouts you can do every day is one of the most crucial health hacks you need to start incorporating.

Many people ask me what kind of kind of workouts they should be doing or what they should stick to and my answer is always going to be the same…

Pick whatever workout / exercise regimen you KNOW you can stick to without fail!

The hardest thing is keeping the habit of exercise and by sticking to something and making it a habit – you will drastically improve your health.

Now the reason exercise is so important is because it helps speed up your metabolism.

By exercising regularly, your body will begin to digest nutrients from food properly and convert it into energy rather than storing it for fat.

I’m sure you have heard how sugar is bad for you, but the long-term detrimental effects are not something to be taken lightly.

You see, when you eat sugary snacks/drinks like cookies or processed carbs like chips – you might notice that you have no motivation or desire to do anything afterwards. Then just a couple hours later you’re already hungry again.

This is because these low quality foods don’t contain the necessary micro-nutrients, fiber, and minerals that quality food SHOULD have. And with sugar, if you don’t burn it off right away (through exercise) – then your body will simply turn it into fat.

These are just two health hacks that will…

Now what if I told you that we have developed a system that will go over each and every health hack we have found to be successful?

The truth is, after spending thousands of hours with several clients – I have noticed trends and tendencies that have significantly separated those who reach their goals from my clients who give up almost immediately because they don’t see any results.

After years of trial and error, thousands of hours on research and testing several different health regimens with my clients…

I have crafted a flawless health blueprint that when followed to the T, will give you tremendous results both in your physical appearance and in your energy.

Just picture yourself waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and actually smiling because you are proud of what’s looking back at you..

Imagine going through your day and NOT having to drink 4 cups of coffee just to stay awake.

And just think about all the extra time you’ll have to yourself because of how much more you’ll be able to accomplish in one day!

Here are just some of the things my clients are saying:

I’m so glad I invested in Highway to Health.  I’m always on the run and the health tips in this program have helped me find the energy I need. The best part is it’s simple. It’s not a complicated program that you will lose interest in after a few weeks.  This is long-term!

This is not some quick-fix gimmick.  This is a life transformation.  This is information on changing your lifestyle.

You can achieve all of this as long as you are willing to put in the work. So what is this so-called blueprint that will help me attain all of this?

With all of the blood, sweat, and tears I have poured into creating this program – I am confident that you’ll be able to reach each and every health goal you struggled with in the past…

By following the completely system I have developed in this program, you no longer have to walk through life cautiously, trying to figure out how to optimize your health and longevity.

By following my complete framework laid out in my program, you will be fully equipped with all of the essential knowledge you need to start living a happy, healthy life.

For your convenience, I have put the entire Highway to Health Program on MP3’s.  For your convenience, you can download Highway to Health and listen in your car or on your portable device.

For those who prefer to read, I have put Highway to Health in ebook form.

Each time I update Highway to Health, I will send you a FREE copy.  You will always have access to latest version of this life-changing product.

Highway to Health comes with one year of complimentary email support.  If you have a health question, simply send me an email and I will lead you in the right direction.

I never knew regaining my health was so simple.  With a few, quick changes, my life is completely different.  Highway to Health is a blueprint for optimal health and wellness.

I have had success losing weight following the Highway to Health system.  The way it is broken down is simple.  Improving on the 4 pillars of health is the key.  This program taught me what the 4 pillars are and provided me tips on how to improve each one of them.

I never knew how simple it was to change my lifestyle and improve my health.  With a few changes, I am feeling completely different.  I have lost weight and have much more energy.  I owe it all to Highway to Health.

The amount of sweat equity I have poured into developing this program is simply incomparable to the value you are receiving.

I spent an embarrassing amount of hours sifting through several studies, speaking with industry leaders, and putting my body through several different diets and nutrition regimens just so I can present you with the best information out there.

I am so confident in the value contained in this program that I am willing to give you a 60 Day – 100% refund if you don’t like the results. That’s right, you have two months to go through the whole book program, digest all of the information and if you don’t like it, I’ll give you a full refund.

Let’s quickly go over what we talked about…

We’ve gone over the importance of a healthy metabolism…

We talked about how exercise why exercise is one of the most important things you can incorporate to start living a healthy life…

We discussed how much better you will begin to feel once you prioritize your health and make it a habit…

You mindlessly browse the internet looking for the best ways to start losing weight, increasing your energy, and getting healthier… Only to get overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet and ultimately end up not doing anything at all…

You follow the complete framework I have laid out in the program so that you aren’t left guessing as to what the “best program” is.

You reap the benefits of living a life full of energy… all while looking better than ever.

Email me at:  mike@getonthehighwaytohealth.com

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